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Teledyne LeCroy
Batch Scenario Overview
Global Variables
Each batch scenario contains a list of global variables which allows you to set data for specific fields of frame events, or trigger setting patterns without editing them one by one. Global variables are automatically applied to all the trigger setting patterns that are selected in the “Start Analyzer” command immediately before you run the command. If you select “Use Project Chain Settings” with the “Start Analyzer” command, global variables will be applied to the current trigger settings.
This also works for the Jammer. Global variables are applied automatically to all frame events of a Jammer scenario that are selected in the “Start Jammer” command, immediately before you run the command.
Global variables have no effect on any trigger settings or Jammer scenarios that are not used in the batch scenario.
Global variables provide dynamically changing event fields in runtime. You can add as many fields as you need to the global variable list and specify your desired value for them. When running batch mode, the software replaces your value in the specified field for any event in which that field is used. The software looks in all events for that field and replaces the value. Global Variables Dialog
1. To change the definition of selected global variables, go to Batch Scenario Manager and click on the “Global Variables” button.  The Global Variables dialog window opens.
Figure 5.11: Batch Scenario Manager window.
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