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Analyzer Overview
Teledyne LeCroy
Status and Configuration Display
The Analyzer front LCD display indicates the configuration and status of the device. For example, during initialization, the LCD panel displays boot status messages.
LCD Display and Button Functions for Configuring the Analyzer
The basic settings of the SierraNet M408 can be configured from the unit itself. Five buttons are provided to enable you to configure the Analyzer. When you first turn on the Analyzer, after initialization, the LCD displays SierraNet M408 Available with two arrows pointing up and down as shown in the illustration below.
Up Button
SierraNet M408
Down Button
LCD Display
Figure 1.5: LCD Display and Button on the Front Panel
When connected via ethernet or USB, the Up and Down buttons display the following:
Displays current Static or Dynamic IP Address
SierraNet M408 SN (serial number)
Connection Unit Name
Set IP Configuration
IP Mode Dynamic, or
IP Mode Static
The Left  and Right  buttons are used to change the configuration properties.
The LCD will display Button Inactive In This MenuItem if the button does not serve any purpose for that selection.
Perform the following steps to set IP Configuration, Static on Dynamic IP using the buttons and the LCD display on the Analyzer:
Set IP Configuration
To set IP Configuration:
1. Press the Up Button once to get into the Set IP Configuration mode.
2. Press the Center Button once to select Set IP Configuration.
SierraNet M408 User Manual