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Trigger Filter Settings in Easy Mode
Teledyne LeCroy
Figure 2.52: Timer Pattern Dialog.
Note: The timer resolution is limited to one DWORD. The minimum value is 12‐13 DWORD.
External Trigger
Use this event to wait for a signal on the analyzers external trigger input. Refer to “External Trigger” on page 58 for details on configuring the external trigger input.
Pattern Editing Conventions
When entering values in patterns the following conventions apply:
In Binary, 'X' means one bit which is "don't care" and the value can be either 1 or 0. Below are some examples in binary and their meanings: "X10": The value length is 3 bits and from right to left, the first and second bits have specific values and the third one is "don't care". "XXXXXXX1": The value length is 8 bits and from right to left, the first bit has a specific value and the rest are "don't care". In Hexadecimal 'X' means 4 bits in which all four are "don't care". In hexadecimal '?' means either one of the bits 1, 2, 3 or 4 bits is "don't care" and it is not clear which bit is SierraNet M408 User Manual