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Trigger Filter Settings in Easy Mode
Trigger Filter Settings in Easy Mode
Easy mode allows you to operate the analyzer with minimum setup. In this mode, you can perform only a Trigger and Data capture. Use Easy Mode to get a comprehensive overview of your analyzer’s capabilities.
The Trigger and Filter settings dialog allows you to set the parameters for triggering on selected triggers and filtering in (including) or filtering out (excluding) selected patterns. The dialog box opens with default settings to capture everything on the bus. The analyzer captures everything immediately without triggering on anything in particular.
Trigger Tab
You can drag and drop patterns from the Trigger Library pane into the Active Pane. You can select the pattern and use the Add and Remove arrows to move patterns between the Patterns Library and the Active pane (see Figure 2.41 on page 64). See “Trigger Setup” on page 101. You can copy a frame from the spreadsheet view and paste it in the Active Pane for triggering.
Click the + icon to
use previously set
Trigger Filter
Click the X icon to
previously set
Trigger Filter Settings
Include and Exclude arrows
Figure 2.41: Trigger Settings Dialog.
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Click this
icon to Rename
Current Trigger
Capture Setting