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Teledyne LeCroy
Figure 3.35: Advanced Filter Dialog
You can select or deselect each of the items shown in the left pane for filtering. Items not in the current trace are greyed out.
NOTE 1: If you select a group, that also selects all child items. NOTE 2: Only packets captured at run time are available for selection for filtering.
Filter Type
You can choose to show or hide the Filter Type items by checking the Show or Hide option button.
Filter Logic
After you have set up Filter options, you can set filter logic to And to apply “AND” logic on related selected options or OR to apply “OR” logic on all selected options.
Save Filter After you have set up a Filter configuration, you can save it as a Filter file by clicking Save. Load You can use a previously saved filter by clicking Load in the Filter dialog.
You can apply the current filter by clicking Apply in the Filter dialog.
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