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Teledyne LeCroy
Daisy-Chaining with CATC SYNC Expansion Cards
You can daisy‐chain analyzer units for higher port count, by connecting the units through the optional CATC SYNC Expansion Card on the analyzer back.
Connecting Two SierraNet M408 Analyzers via the CATC Sync Expansion Card (ACC-EXP002-X)
Multiple SierraNet M408 Analyzers can be connected using their CATC Sync ports which require an optional expansion card (ACC‐EXP‐002‐X).
Note: Refer to relevant protocol analyzer user manual for instructions on how to install the expansion card.
To do so perform the following steps:
1. Make sure to stop any recordings in progress.
Note: You may plug/unplug the sync cable while the analyzer unit is powered on.
2. Connect the female end of the sync cable to the SYNC OUT port of one SierraNet M408.
3. Connect the male end of the sync cable to the SYNC IN port of the other SierraNet M408 (see Figure 1.15 on page 12.)
Figure 1.15: An Example of Connecting two SierraNet M408 Analyzers
SierraNet M408 User Manual