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:WMEMory<r> Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:WMEMory<r>:YRANge <range>[<suffix>]
<r> ::= 1-2 in NR1 format
<range> ::= vertical full-scale range value in NR3 format
<suffix> ::= {V | mV}
The :WMEMory<r>:YRANge command defines the full- scale vertical axis of
the selected reference waveform.
Legal values for the range are copied from the original source waveform
(that is, the analog channel or math function waveform that was originally
saved as a reference waveform).
Query Syntax
The :WMEMory<r>:YRANge? query returns the current full- scale range
setting for the specified reference waveform.
Return Format
<range> ::= vertical full-scale range value in NR3 format
See Also
• Chapter 32, “:WMEMory<r> Commands,” starting on page 693
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