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33 Obsolete and Discontinued Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:FUNCtion:SOURce <value>
<value> ::= {CHANnel<n> | ADD | SUBTract | MULTiply}
<n> ::= 1 to (# analog channels) in NR1 format
The :FUNCtion:SOURce command is only used when an FFT (Fast Fourier
Transform) operation is selected (see the:FUNCtion:OPERation command
for more information about selecting an operation). The :FUNCtion:SOURce
command selects the source for function operations. Choose CHANnel<n>,
or ADD, SUBT, or MULT to specify the desired source for FFT operations
specified by the :FUNCtion:OPERation command.
Query Syntax
The :FUNCtion:SOURce command is an obsolete command provided for compatibility to
previous oscilloscopes. Use the :FUNCtion:SOURce1 command (see page 293) instead.
The :FUNCtion:SOURce? query returns the current source for function
Return Format
<value> ::= {CHAN<n> | ADD | SUBT | MULT}
<n> ::= 1 to (# analog channels) in NR1 format
See Also
• "Introduction to :FUNCtion Commands" on page 278
• ":FUNCtion:OPERation" on page 289
Agilent InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series Oscilloscopes Programmer's Guide