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Obsolete and Discontinued Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:MEASure:VSTArt <vstart_argument>
<vstart_argument> ::= value for vertical marker 1
The :MEASure:VSTArt command moves the vertical marker (Y1 cursor) to
the specified value corresponding to the selected source. The source can
be selected by the MARKer:X1Y1source command.
The short form of this command, VSTA, does not follow the defined Long Form to Short
Form Truncation Rules (see page 792). The normal short form, VST, would be the same for
both VSTArt and VSTOp, so sending VST for the VSTArt command produces an error.
The :MEASure:VSTArt command is an obsolete command provided for compatibility to
previous oscilloscopes. Use the :MARKer:Y1Position command (see page 327) instead.
Query Syntax
The :MEASure:VSTArt? query returns the current value of the Y1 cursor.
Return Format
<value> ::= voltage at voltage marker 1 in NR3 format
See Also
• "Introduction to :MARKer Commands" on page 318
• "Introduction to :MEASure Commands" on page 340
• ":MARKer:Y1Position" on page 327
• ":MARKer:Y2Position" on page 328
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• ":MARKer:X1Y1source" on page 321
• ":MEASure:SOURce" on page 361
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• ":MEASure:TSTArt" on page 729
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