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8.4 Entering Values Using the Touch Screen
Keyboard Levels
The alphanumerical screen keyboard has several levels:
• Normal level
• Shift level
When you toggle the level with the
key , the labels on the screen keyboard change.
You can enter alphanumerical values character-by-character using the buttons on the
alphanumerical screen keyboard.
Proceed as follows:
1. Touch the desired operator control within the screen.
The alphanumeric screen keyboard opens. The existing value is displayed in the screen
keyboard and is selected.
2. Enter the value.
You have the following options to enter a value:
– The selected value is deleted when you enter the first character. Completely reenter
the value.
– Use the
keys to move the cursor within the current value. You can
now edit the characters of the current value or add characters.
Use the
key to delete the character to the left of the cursor. If the value is
selected, use this key to delete the selected part of the value.
– Use the
key to toggle the screen keyboard levels. When you toggle the level,
the key labels on the screen keyboard change.
– Use the
key to display the info text of the IO field.
This button is only enabled if info text has been configured for the IO field or the
current screen.
3. Use the
key to confirm your entry or cancel it with
. Either action closes the
screen keyboard.
You have changed the alphanumerical value or entered a new one.
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