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Operator Controls and Displays
5.2 Using a Memory Card with the HMI device
Damaging to the touch screen
Never touch the touch screen with pointed or sharp objects. Avoid applying excessive
pressure to the touch screen with hard objects. Otherwise, the touch screen might fail, or its
useful life might be considerably reduced.
Always operate the HMI touch screen with your fingers or with a touch pen.
Damage to the keyboard
Only use your fingers to operate the HMI device keys.
Pressing the keys with hard instruments considerably reduces the service life of the key
See also
Design of the HMI Device TP 277 (Page 1-2)
Design of the HMI Device OP 277 (Page 1-3)
Using a Memory Card with the HMI device
The following can be saved on the memory card of the HMI device:
• Logs
• Recipes
• Operating system
• Applications
• Additional specifications
The memory card can be inserted and removed during operation. D not remove the memory
card while data is being accessed by an application, e.g. during backup or recipe transfer.
Multimedia card
The Multimedia card of the SIMATIC S7 controller cannot be used.
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
Operating Instructions, 09/2007, 6AV6691-1DH01-0AB0