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Operating a Project
8.10 Operating Status Force
The layout of status force depends on the configuration.
The figure shows the general layout of status force. A value can be monitored or controlled
on every line.
Figure 8-9
Status force, example
The configuration engineer specifies which columns appear in status force.
The table shows the significance of all configurable columns.
The PLC whose address ranges must be displayed.
"Type", "DB Number", "Offset",
The address range of the value
"Data Type", "Format"
The data type of the value
"Status Value"
The value read from the specified address.
"Control Value"
The value to be written to the specified address.
Further information on this may be available in your plant documentation.
Operator Controls
Depending on your configuration, you can operate the Trend view using the following
"Read" button
Updates the display in the "Status Value" column.
This button engages when it is pressed. You cannot operate any input fields until
the button is actuated again and the refresh is stopped.
"Write" button
Applies the new value in the "Control Value" column. The control value is written
to the controller.
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
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