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Operating Alarms
9.3 Displaying Alarms
LED in the "ACK" Key
An LED in the
is found on an HMI device with keys. The LED is lit if there are alarms
requiring acknowledgment which must still be acknowledged.
The LED goes out when you acknowledge all alarms requiring acknowledgment.
Alarm Indicator
The alarm indicator is a graphic symbol indicating queued alarms or alarms requiring
acknowledgment, depending on the configuration.
Figure 9-1
Alarm indicator with three queued alarms
The alarm indicator flashes as long as alarms are queued for acknowledgment. The number
displayed indicates the number of queued alarms. The configuration engineer can assign
functions to be executed when the alarm indicator is operated.
Usually, the alarm indicator is only used for error alarms. Further information may be
available in your plant documentation.
Displaying Alarms
Displaying Alarms
Alarms are indicated in the alarm view or in the alarm window on the HMI device.
Alarm View
Depending on the configuration, the alarm view is displayed as follows:
• As a single line. Alarm numbers and alarm texts are displayed as single lines.
• As simple Alarm view
• As enhanced Alarm view
In the simple or enhanced Alarm views the configuration engineer specifies the alarm
information to be displayed.
Depending on the configuration, alarms from alarm logs are also displayed in the Alarm
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
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