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Operating a Project
8.12 Project Security
The logon dialog opens in the following cases:
• You are operating an operator control with password protection.
• You are operating an operator control that was configured for displaying the logon dialog.
• Activate the "<ENTER>" entry in the simple user view.
• Activate a blank entry in the extended user view.
• The logon dialog will be automatically displayed when the project is started, depending on
the configuration.
Further information on this may be available in your plant documentation.
The logon dialog is open.
Procedure with Touch Operation
Proceed as follows:
1. Enter the user name and password.
Touch the corresponding input field. The alphanumerical screen keyboard is displayed.
2. Select "OK" to confirm logon.
Procedure with Keyboard Operation
Proceed as follows:
1. Select the input field "User" within the logon dialog with
2. Enter the user name using the system keys.
To enter characters, switch the numerical keypad to character assignment with the
3. Select the input field "Password" with
4. Enter the password using the system keys.
5. Confirm your entries with "OK".
The user name is not case-sensitive.
The password is case-sensitive.
After successful logon to the security system, you can execute password-protected functions
on the HMI device for which you have permissions.
If you enter a wrong password, an error message is displayed when an Alarm window has
been configured.
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
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