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Configuring the device
6.10 Change the communication settings
4. Enter further parameters if required.
– Applies to "MPI/Profibus/S7-Ethernet:"
Press the "Advanced" button to change to the "S7-Transfer Settings" dialog. There
you can change the settings for MPI/PROFIBUS or S7 Ethernet.
Confirm your entries.
The "S7-Transfer Settings" dialog box closes.
– Applies to "ETHERNET":
Press the "Advanced" button to change to the "Network&Dial-Up Connections."
Open the "LAN9001" entry. You can change the TCP/IP settings there.
Confirm your entries.
Close "Network&Dial-Up Connections".
– Applies to "USB:"
No further settings are required for "USB".
5. Confirm your entries.
The dialog box closes.
The data channel is configured.
See also
Changing S7 transfer settings (Page 106)
Changing the Network Configuration (Page 116)
Operating modes (Page 134)
If the HMI device is connected to the PLC via PROFINET, function keys or buttons, for
example, can be configured as PROFINET IO direct keys. If PROFINET IO direct keys are
used in the project, they must be enabled.
If you enable PROFINET IO direct keys, you cannot use the RS 422/RS 485 port for serial
communication. PROFINET IO direct keys and PROFIBUS DP direct keys are mutually
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02