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Operating a project
8.5 Entering values using the keys
Numerical and alphanumerical values can be entered in character mode using the system
Proceed as follows:
1. Select the desired text box within the screen with
The existing value is selected in the text box.
2. Enter the value using the numerical keypad.
You have the following options to enter a value:
– The existing value is deleted when you enter the first character. Completely reenter
the value.
– Press
and a cursor key simultaneously. The selection of the field content is
canceled. Move the cursor in the existing value. You can now edit the characters of
the current value or add characters.
key deletes the character positioned to the right of the cursor. Use the
key to delete the character to the left of the cursor.
To enter the hexadecimal characters "A" to "F", switch the numerical keypad to letter
assignment using the key
– If the LED of the
current screen.
key is lit, infotext is available for the selected object or the
Use the key
to display the infotext for the operating element or current screen.
3. Select
to confirm your entry.
You have changed the numerical value or entered a new one.
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