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Operating a project
8.4 Entering values using the touch screen
Procedure for text boxes
Values are entered in the project text boxes. Based on your configuration, the values are
saved to tags and transferred, for example, to the PLC.
Proceed as follows:
1. Touch the desired text box within the screen.
The screen keyboard opens.
Depending on your configuration, you can enter values in the text box in the following
– Numerical values, for example decimal numbers, hexadecimal numbers, binary values
– Alphanumerical values, for example digits and letters
– Date/time
2. Enter the value.
3. Confirm your entry with
or discard your entry with
Entering and Editing Numerical Values
Numerical screen keyboard
When you touch an operating element for numerical input on the HMI device touch screen,
the numerical screen keyboard appears. This is the case, for example, for a text box. The
screen keyboard is automatically hidden again when input is complete.
Opened screen keyboard
When the screen keyboard is open, PLC job 51, "Select screen" has no function.
MP 277
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