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Configuring the device
6.3 Control Panel
Moving the screen keyboard
1. Touch the following icon:
2. Without lifting your finger, move the screen keyboard on the touch screen.
3. Release the icon when the required position is reached.
See also
Setting up the screen keyboard (Page 84)
Entering and Editing Numerical Values (Page 163)
Entering and editing alphanumerical values (Page 166)
Front operator controls (Page 61)
Input with the Keyboard
The Control Panel is operated with the system keys of the HMI device.
1. Close the project.
Use the provided operating element.
2. Open the Control Panel.
The loader is displayed.
– Select the "Control Panel" button in the loader using the cursor keys.
– Press
The Control Panel is opened.
3. Select the symbol of the required dialog with the cursor keys.
4. Press
to open the dialog.
5. Change the tab as required.
until the name of the tab is selected. Now switch to the other tabs using the
cursor keys.
MP 277
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