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Configuring the device
6.11 Configuring network operation
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Restarting the HMI Device (Page 99)
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Configuring network operation
Overview of network operation
You can connect the HMI device to a PROFINET network via the Ethernet port.
The connection to a network offers, for example, the following options:
● Printing via a network printer
The HMI device's operating system does not support line by line alarm logging via a
network printer. All other printing functions, for example hardcopy or logs are available
without restriction via the network.
● Saving, exporting and importing of recipe data records on or from a server
● Setting up of message and data archives
● Transferring a project
● Backing up data
The HMI device can only be used in PROFINET networks.
The HMI device only has client functionality in the PC network. This means that users can
access files of a node with TCP/IP server functionality from the HMI device via the
network. However, you cannot, for example, access data on the HMI device from a PC
via the network.
Information on communication using SIMATIC S7 over PROFINET is provided in the
online help of the configuration software.
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