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Configuring the device
6.3 Control Panel
6. Press
to return to the input area and make the necessary changes.
Select the respective input object by pressing the
key to make entries.
– Use the system keys of the HMI device to enter the new values in the text boxes.
– To operate a button, select the button with the cursor keys and then press
– Open the selection lists with the key combination
Select the required entry from the selection list using the cursor keys.
Confirm the selected entry by pressing
– Press
to activate or deactivate a check box.
– Select a option button of a group using the cursor keys.
7. Confirm your entries with
or discard your entries with
If you have selected an input object, you first have to complete entry.
The dialog box closes.
8. Close the Control Panel.
. This opens the Control Panel menu.
– Select the "Close" entry using the cursor keys.
– Press
The loader is displayed.
9. Start the project.
– Select the "Start" button in the loader using the cursor keys.
– Press
The project is started.
Control keys
The tables below show the control keys used to operate the Control Panel.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02