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A project is the result of a configuration using a configuration software. The project normally
contains several screens with embedded system-specific objects, basic settings and alarms.
A project configured in WinCC flexible is saved to a project file with the extension *.hmi.
You need to distinguish between a project on the configuration PC and an executable project
on an HMI device. A project on the configuration PC can be available in more languages
than can be managed on the HMI device. The project on the configuration PC can also be
set up for different HMI devices. You can only transfer an executable project to an HMI
device if it has been especially compiled for it.
Project file
A project file is a file from which the executable project file for use on the HMI device is
generated. The project file is usually not transferred and is retained on the configuration PC.
The file name extension of a project file is *.hmi.
Project file, compressed
Compressed format of the project file. The compressed project file can be transferred in
addition to the executable project file to the corresponding HMI device. For this purpose,
backtransfer must be enabled in the project on the configuration PC. The compressed
project file is usually saved to an external memory card.
A compressed project file has the extension *.pdz.
Project file, executable
An executable project file is the file generated from the project file for a specific HMI device.
The executable project file is transferred to the associated HMI device where it is used to
operate and monitor plants.
An executable project file has the extension "*.fwx".
Protection class
The protection class is used in electrical engineering to classify and identify electrical
equipment in relation to existing safety measures designed to prevent electric shock.
There are four protection classes for electrical equipment.
A recipe is a combination of tags that form a fixed data structure. The configured data
structure can be assigned data in the configuration software or on the HMI device and is
then referred to as a record. The use of recipes ensures that all data assigned to a data
record is transferred synchronously to the PLC.
MP 277
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