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Installing and connecting the device
4.3 Connecting the HMI device
Connecting the mains terminal
Do not tighten the screws of the power supply terminal if it is plugged into the HMI device.
The pressure from the screwdriver may otherwise damage the HMI device socket.
Only connect the wires when the mains terminal is withdrawn.
Connect the power supply terminal to the cables of the power supply as shown in the figure
above. Ensure that the lines are connected properly to the correct terminals. Refer to the
label for the contact pins on the rear of the HMI device.
Reverse polarity protection
The HMI device is equipped with reverse polarity protection.
Connecting the power supply
Safe electrical isolation
Use only 24 VDC power supply units with safe electrical isolation in accordance with
IEC 60364-4-41 or HD 384.04.41 (VDE 0100, Part 410), for example, in accordance with
the PELV standard.
The supply voltage must be within the specified voltage range. Malfunctions in the HMI
device may otherwise result.
Applies to non-isolated system design:
Connect the connection for GND 24 V from the 24 V power supply output to equipotential
bonding for uniform reference potential. You should always select a central point of
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