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Operating a project
8.1 Overview
Operation feedback from operating elements
The HMI device provides operation feedback as soon as it detects that an operating element
has been selected. This operation feedback is independent of any communication with the
PLC. Therefore, this operation feedback does not indicate whether the relevant action is
actually executed or not.
Optical feedback from operating elements
The operating element receives the focus and is selected. The configuration engineer can
also configure the selection of an operating element so that it deviates from the standard.
Refer to your plant documentation to find any available additional information on this topic.
The type of optical feedback depends on the operating element:
● Buttons
The HMI device outputs different views of the "Pressed" and "Unpressed" states,
provided the configuration engineer has configured a 3D effect:
– "Pressed" state:
– "Unpressed" state:
The configuration engineer determines the appearance of a selected field, for example,
line width and color for the focus.
● Invisible buttons
By default, invisible buttons are not displayed as pressed when they are touched. No
optical feedback is provided in this case.
The configuration engineer may, however, configure invisible buttons so that their outline
appears as lines when touched. This outline remains visible until you select another
operating element.
● I/O fields
When you select an I/O field, the content of the I/O field is displayed against a colored
background. With touch operation, a screen keyboard is displayed for the entering of
MP 277
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