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Operating a project
8.5 Entering values using the keys
General procedures
The control keys and function keys of the HMI device are available for key control
General procedure
The operating elements of a screen are operated using the control keys of the HMI device.
Proceed as follows:
1. Continue to press the key
selected on the screen.
or the cursor keys until the required operating element is
2. Depending on the operating element, perform further actions. Detailed descriptions can
be found under the respective operating element.
– I/O field: Enter numerical, alphanumeric or symbolic values in the I/O field
– Slider control: Move the slider control
3. Confirm the operation with the key
or abort the operation with the key
Entering and editing numerical values
Formats for numerical values
You can enter values in numerical text boxes based on the following formats:
● Decimal
● Hexadecimal
● Binary
Limit value test of numerical values
Tags can be assigned limit values. If you enter a value that lies outside of this limit, it will not
be accepted, for example, 80 with a limit value of 78. In this case the HMI device will deliver
a system alarm, if an alarm window is configured. The original value is displayed again.
MP 277
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