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Purpose of the operating instructions
These operating instructions provide information for manuals derived from the requirements
for mechanical engineering documentation according to DIN EN 62079. This information
relates to the place of use, transport, storage, mounting, use and maintenance.
These operating instructions are intended for:
● Users
● Commissioning engineers
● Maintenance personnel
Pay particular attention to the section "Safety Instructions (Page 25)".
You can find more information such as operating instructions, examples and reference
information in the online help of the configuration software.
Required knowledge
General knowledge of automation technology and process communication is needed to
understand the operating instructions.
It is also assumed that those using the manual have experience in using personal computers
and an understanding of Microsoft operating systems.
Scope of the operating instructions
The operating instructions apply to the HMI device MP 277 in conjunction with the following
configuration software:
● WinCC (TIA Portal)
● WinCC flexible
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02