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Configuring the device
6.11 Configuring network operation
Addressing the computer
Within a PROFINET network, computers are usually addressed using computer names.
These computer names are translated from a DNS or WINS server to TCP/IP addresses.
This is why a DNS or WINS server is needed for addressing via computer names when the
HMI device is in a PROFINET network. Such servers are usually present in PROFINET
The use of TCP/IP addresses to address PCs is not supported by the operating system.
For additional questions on addressing in your network, contact your network administrator.
Before beginning the configuration, request the following network parameters from your
network administrator.
● Does the network use DHCP for dynamic assignment of network addresses?
If not, get a new TCP/IP network address for the HMI device.
● Which TCP/IP address does the default gateway have?
● If a DNS network is used, what are the addresses of the name server?
● If a WINS network is used, what are the addresses of the name server?
General procedure for configuring the network
The HMI device must be configured prior to network operation. The configuration is basically
divided into the following steps:
1. Enter the computer name of the HMI device.
2. Configure the network address.
3. Set the logon information.
4. Back up the settings.
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