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Configuring the device
6.6 Changing HMI device settings
Restarting the HMI Device
You need to start the HMI device again in the following situations:
● You have activated or deactivated the PROFINET IO direct keys.
● You have changed the time zone setting.
● You have changed the automatic daylight savings and standard setting.
Data loss when the HMI device is restarted
All volatile data is lost when the HMI device is rebooted.
Check the following:
• The project on the HMI device is not open.
• No data is being written to the flash memory.
You have opened the "OP Properties" dialog box by pressing the "OP" icon.
Button for rebooting the HMI device
1. Change to the "Device" tab in the "OP Properties" dialog.
2. Click "Reboot".
The following warning is displayed:
"If you run this function, all data which has not been backed up will be lost. Close all
applications before you restart the device.
The HMI device reboots immediately if you confirm this warning.
The HMI device reboots.
See also
Enabling PROFINET IO (Page 111)
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MP 277
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