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Operating a project
8.4 Entering values using the touch screen
Entering values using the touch screen
Screen keyboard
A screen keyboard appears on the HMI device touch screen when you touch an operating
element that requires input. The screen keyboard is displayed in the following cases:
● An I/O field is selected for input
● A password must be entered for accessing a password-protected function
The screen keyboard is automatically hidden again when input is complete.
Based on the configuration of the operating element, the system displays different screen
keyboards for entering numerical or alphanumerical values.
The screen keyboard display is independent of the configured project language.
General procedure
The operating elements of a screen are operated by touching the touch screen.
Proceed as follows:
1. Touch the desired operating element within the screen.
2. Depending on the operating element, perform further actions. Detailed descriptions can
be found under the respective operating element.
– I/O field: Enter numerical, alphanumerical or symbolic values in the I/O field
– Symbolic I/O field: Select an entry from the drop down list box
– Slider control: Move the slider control
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