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A.3 ESD guideline
System event parameters
System events may contain encrypted parameters which are relevant to troubleshooting
because they provide a reference to the source code of the runtime software. These
parameters are output after the text "Error code:".
Description of the system events
A listing of all system alarms for your HMI device is provided in the online help of your
configuration software.
ESD guideline
An electronic module is equipped with highly integrated electronic components. Due to their
design, electronic components are highly sensitive to overvoltage and thus to the discharge
of static electricity. Such electronic components are labeled as electrostatic sensitive devices
The following abbreviations are commonly used for electrostatic sensitive devices:
Electrostatic charge
The damage to an ESD caused by overvoltage is usually not recognized immediately. The
damage only becomes apparent after a long period of operation.
Electrostatic charge
ESDs may be destroyed by voltages far below the level perceived by human beings. If you
are not discharged electrostatically, the voltage that you transfer when touching a
component or the contact points of a module can already cause damage.
Discharge any electrostatic charge of your body before you touch the ESD.
Anyone who is not connected conductively to their surroundings is subject to electrostatic
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02