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Configuring the device
6.11 Configuring network operation
4. If you do not want to use specific proxy servers, press the "Advanced" button.
The following dialog appears:
Proxy server addresses that are to be excluded from the Internet connection
5. Specify the address components of the proxy server you want to exclude.
Separate multiple entries with a semicolon.
6. Confirm your entries.
The dialog box closes.
See also
Overview of network operation (Page 113)
Changing Privacy Settings
Cookies and encryption
Cookies are pieces of information sent by a web server to a browser. In the event of
subsequent access to the web server, the cookies are sent back. This enables information to
be stored between the accesses.
In order to ensure a high level of privacy, data are sent via the Internet in encrypted form.
Common encryption protocols include SSL and TLS. You can activate or deactivate the
usage of encryption protocols.
The required settings can be obtained from your network administrator.
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