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Runtime software
The runtime software is a process visualization software used to test a project on a
configuration PC.
A screen is a form of visualization for all logically related process data in a plant. The
representation of the process data can be visually supported by graphic objects.
Screen object
A screen object refers to objects such as rectangles, I/O fields, or alarm views which are
configured for visualization or operation of the plant.
STEP 7 is the programming software for SIMATIC S7, SIMATIC C7 and SIMATIC WinAC
Symbolic I/O field
A symbolic I/O field is a field for the input and output of a value. Contains a list of default
entries from which one can be selected.
System alarm
A system alarm is assigned to the "System" alarm class. A system alarm refers to internal
states on the HMI device and the PLC.
Tab order
The tab order defined in the course of project engineering determines the sequence for
activating objects by pressing the <TAB> key.
A tag is a defined memory location to which values can be written and from which values can
be read. This can be done from the PLC or the HMI device. We distinguish between external
tags (process tags) and internal tags, depending on whether or not the tag is interconnected
with the PLC.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02