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Commissioning a project
7.6 Backup and restore
Backup and restore
Power failure
If a complete restore operation is interrupted due to power failure on the HMI device, the
operating system of the HMI device may be deleted. The operating system then has to be
Compatibility conflict
If a message is output on the HMI device warning of a compatibility conflict during the
restore operation, the operating system must be updated.
Backing up and restoring by means of external storage device
The "Backup / Restore" function is approved for MMC and SD memory cards as well as USB
mass storage devices.
Backing up and restoring by means of PC
License keys
License keys are not taken into account for backups and restores. License keys are saved in
the working memory of the HMI device and cannot be deleted.
You can back up and restore the following data found in the internal flash memory of the HMI
device with a PC:
● Project and HMI device image
● Password list
● Recipe data
Use one of the following tools for backup and restore:
● WinCC
● WinCC flexible
● ProSave
The backup and restore with ProSave is described below. Information on backup and restore
with WinCC or WinCC flexible is described in the associated online help.
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