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5.3 Labeling the Function Keys at the MP 277 Key
Proceed as follows:
1. Edit the template and then it on the foil.
Another option is to print blank templates and later label them manually.
2. Apply a fixing spray to the labeling strips.
The fixing spray ensures that the text is water resistant and does not smear, and that the
printer ink on the keyboard membrane does not run.
3. Cut out the labeling strip.
Ensure that the corners are cut according to the diagram shown above as this makes it
easier to slide them into the slot.
4. Remove any existing labeling strips.
Wait for the printed labeling strips to dry before you insert them.
5. Slide the labeling strips ② into the slot ①.
6. Slide the labeling strips into the slot up to the stop.
The labeling strip will protrude approximately 3 cm out of the slot. The template
dimensions for the labeling strips are designed so that the labeling is correctly placed for
the function keys. It is not necessary to secure the labeling strip.
When mounting the HMI device, ensure that the labeling strips do not become jammed
between the mounting cut-out and the HMI device.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02