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5.2 Using Memory Cards with the HMI Device
Procedure – inserting a memory card
Proceed as follows:
Insert the memory card into the memory card slot.
Memory card
Memory card slot
When inserting the memory card, please note that it can only be inserted as shown in the
diagram. When the memory card is correctly inserted into the slot, it stands approx. 3 mm
proud of the slot.
Using a memory card for the first time
Data loss
The first time you use a memory card the HMI device will request that you format the card.
Save a backup copy of memory card data to a PC beforehand.
Proceed as follows in order to prevent data loss:
1. Cancel the formatting procedure by pressing "ESC".
2. Save a backup copy of vital data to a PC.
3. Format the memory card on the HMI device.
4. Transfer the backup data from the PC to the memory card.
You can now transfer the backup data from the memory card to the HMI device.
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