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Operating a project
8.3 Setting the project language
Direct keys
The following objects can be configured as a direct key:
● Buttons
● Function keys
You can also define image numbers in the case of HMI devices with touch operation. In this
way, the project engineer can configure the direct keys on an image-specific basis.
Further information on configuring direct keys can be found in the
"WinCC flexible Communication" system manual.
See also
Bit assignment of the direct keys (Page 189)
Enabling PROFINET IO (Page 111)
Setting the project language
The HMI device supports multilingual projects. You must have configured a corresponding
operating element which lets you change the language setting on the HMI device during
The project always starts with the language set in the previous session.
● The required language for the project must be available on the HMI device
● The language switching function must be logically linked to a configured operating
element such as a button
Selecting a language
You can change project languages at any time. Language-specific objects are immediately
output to the screen in the new language when you switch languages.
The following options are available for switching the language:
● A configured operating element switches from one language to the next in a list
● A configured operating element directly sets the desired language
Please refer to your system documentation to check whether additional information on this
subject is available there.
See also
Changing Regional Settings (Page 92)
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