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Degree of protection
The degree of protection specifies a standard of electronic equipment for a variety of
environmental conditions – and the protection of humans against potential danger when
using this equipment.
The degree of protection classified by IP differs from the protection class. But both involve
protection against touching dangerous electric voltage. The degree of protection also
classifies the protection of equipment against dirt and moisture.
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to a usually desirable state, in which technical
equipment does not disturb one another with unwanted electrical or electromagnetic effects.
Electromagnetic compatibility deals with technical and regulatory questions of undesired,
mutual influence in electrical engineering.
Functions are triggered by defined incoming events. Events can be configured. Events which
can be assigned to a button include "Press" and "Release", for example.
Area reserved in configured screens for the input and output of values.
Flash memory
Flash memory is a non-volatile memory with EEPROM chips that is implemented either as
mobile storage medium, or as permanently installed memory module on the motherboard.
Function keys
Function keys on the HMI device can be assigned user-specific functions. The functions
assigned to these keys are defined during configuration. The assignment of the function keys
may be specific to an active screen or independent of it.
Half Brightness Life Time
Time period after which brightness is reduced to 50% of the original value. The specified
value depends on the operating temperature.
Output of the screen content to a printer.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02