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Configuring the device
6.10 Change the communication settings
You have opened the "PROFINET" dialog box with the "PROFINET" icon.
Enabling or disabling the PROFINET IO direct keys
Text box for the device name
MAC address of the HMI device
If the device name does not match the device name entered in the HW Config of STEP 7, the
direct keys do not work. Use the device name from the HW Config of STEP 7. This device
name does not correspond to the device name used under Windows CE.
Within the ETHERNET data network, the device name must be unique and satisfy the DNS
conventions. These include:
● Restriction to 127 characters in total (letters, digits, hyphen or point).
● A name component within the device name, e.g. a string between two points, may not
exceed 63 characters.
● Special characters such as umlauts, brackets, underscores, slashes, spaces etc. are not
permitted. The hyphen is the one exception.
● The device name must not start or end with a the "-" character.
● The device name must not take the form n.n.n.n (n = 0 to 999).
● The device name must not start with the character sequence "port-xyz-" (x, y, z = 0 to 9).
1. If you want to enable the PROFINET IO direct keys, select the "PROFINET IO enabled"
check box.
2. Enter the device name of the HMI device.
3. Confirm your entries.
The dialog box closes.
4. Reboot the HMI device after saving the settings.
The PROFINET IO direct keys are enabled.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02