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Configuring the device
6.11 Configuring network operation
Importing and Deleting Certificates
You can import, view and delete certificates that have been imported for the HMI device. The
certificates differ in the following ways:
● Certificates that you trust
● Own certificates
● Other certificates
You can import additional certificates and delete certificates that are not required.
The required settings can be obtained from your network administrator.
You have opened the "Certificates" dialog box with the "Certificates" icon.
Selection box of the certificate types
Assigned certificates
1. Select the type of certificate from the selection box:
– "Trusted Authorities"
– "My Certificates"
– "Other Certificates"
2. If you want to import a certificate, press the "Import" button.
The "Import Certificate or Key" dialog box is displayed.
3. Select the storage location.
4. Confirm your entries.
The certificate is added.
5. If you want to remove a certificate, select the specific certificate.
6. Click "Remove".
The certificate is removed.
MP 277
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