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Commissioning a project
7.5 Transfer project to the HMI device
Starting the transfer
To make a project executable on an HMI device, transfer the project from the configuration
PC to the HMI device. With a transfer, you particularly specify whether to overwrite existing
data on the HMI device such as "User management" or "Recipe data".
● The project is opened in WinCC on the configuration PC.
● Project tree is displayed.
● configuration PC is connected to the HMI device.
● Transfer mode is set on the HMI device.
Proceed as follows:
1. Select the "Download to device > Software" command in the shortcut menu of the HMI
2. When the "Extended download to device" dialog opens, configure the "Transfer settings".
Make sure that the "Transfer settings" match the "Transfer settings on the HMI device":
– Select the protocol used, for example, Ethernet or USB.
If you are using Ethernet or PROFINET, you can also configure the network address
in the "Devices & Networks" editor in WinCC. You can find more information on this
topic in the WinCC online help.
– Configure the corresponding interface parameters on the configuration PC.
– Make the specific interface or protocol settings on the HMI device as required.
– Click "Download".
You can open the "Extended download to device" dialog at any time using the menu
command "Online > Extended download to device…".
The "Load preview" dialog opens. The project is compiled at the same time. The result
appears in the "Load preview" dialog.
3. Check the displayed default settings and change them, if necessary.
4. Click "Download".
The project is transferred to the selected HMI device. If errors or warnings occur during the
transfer, alarms are displayed in the Inspector window under "Info> Download".
When the transfer is completed successfully, the project is executable on the HMI device.
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