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Configuring the device
6.12 Backing up data to external storage device
First time use of the memory card
The first time you use a memory card the HMI device will request that you format the card.
Save a backup copy of memory card data to a PC before formatting.
1. Cancel the formatting procedure by pressing "ESC".
2. Remove the memory card from the HMI device.
3. Save a backup copy of vital data to a PC.
4. Insert the memory card into the HMI device.
5. Format the memory card on the HMI device.
1. Press the "BACKUP" button to open the "Select Storage Card" dialog.
The "--- no storage card available ---" message appears if there is no external memory in
the HMI device or if this memory is defective. Insert an external memory or a different
2. Select the external memory for backup from the "Please select a Storage Card" list box.
3. Click on the "Start Backup" button.
The HMI device checks the external memory.
If the "This storage card..." message appears, an external memory with a greater memory
capacity is needed. Acknowledge this message. Backup is aborted. Insert an external
memory with a greater memory capacity and restart the backup process.
If the "You may have an old backup on the storage card. Do you want to delete it?"
message appears, there is already a backup on the external memory. If you do not want
to overwrite the backup, press the "No" button. Otherwise click on the "Yes" button.
Several messages are displayed in sequence in the "Backup" dialog box:
– Saving registry data
– Copy files
– Saving CE-Image
A progress bar shows the status of the backup process. When the backup process is
completed, the following message is displayed:
"The operation completed successfully."
4. Acknowledge this message.
The dialog box closes.
The HMI device data is now saved on the external memory.
MP 277
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