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Installing and connecting the device
4.3 Connecting the HMI device
Note when connecting
USB connection sequence
Observe the following sequence when connecting by USB:
1. HMI device
2. PC
USB host-to-host cable
Use only the driver for the USB host-to-host cable that is supplied with the configuration
software. Never use the driver supplied with the USB host-to-host cable.
Update operating system
If there is no serviceable HMI device image on the HMI device, you can only update the
operating system by restoring the factory settings. Use the RS 422/RS 485 interface with the
PC/PPI cable on the HMI device.
Replacing the HMI device
If you connect more than one HMI device with the same IP address in succession to a single
configuration PC, you need to ping the configuration PC once from the HMI device on each
changeover of the HMI device.
See also
Ports (Page 45)
Accessories (Page 16)
Connecting a USB device
Use only devices approved for connection to the HMI device.
Lists of devices approved for connection to HMI devices via the USB port are available on
the Internet at the following addresses:
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02