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Operating a project
Configuration and process control phase
HMI devices can be used to operate and monitor tasks in process and production
automation. The plant screens on the HMI devices are used to provide a clear overview of
the active processes.
The HMI device project, which includes the plant screens, is created during the configuration
phase. The configuration engineer defines which tasks the HMI device has in the process
and defines the following in detail:
● Which process data is displayed on the individual HMI device
● Which plant components are controlled by this HMI device
The configuration engineer stores this information in the project's screens. The project is
transferred to the HMI device during commissioning.
After transfer to the HMI device, current processes can be operated and monitored in the
project's screens. The screens enable you to observe, for example, operational states,
current process data and faults in a plant. Operating elements which are used to operate the
process, for example buttons, I/O fields and alarm windows, are displayed in the screens.
Operator control options
The hardware of the HMI device determines which of the following operator control options
are available:
● Touch screen
The operating elements shown in the dialogs are touch-sensitive. Touch objects are
basically operated in the same way as mechanical keys. You activate operating elements
by touching them with your finger. To double-click them, touch an operating element
twice in succession.
● HMI device keyboard
The operating elements shown in the screens are selected and operated using the keys
of the HMI device.
● External keyboard, connected via USB
● External mouse, connected via USB
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02