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Operating a project
8.4 Entering values using the touch screen
Displaying Infotext
The configuration engineer uses info text to provide additional information and operating
instructions. The configuration engineer can configure info text on screens and operator
The infotext of an I/O field can contain, for example, information on the value to be entered.
Opening info text for operator controls
1. Touch the required operator control.
The screen keyboard opens. You can see from the appearance of the
whether info text has been configured for the operator control or the current screen.
2. Touch the
key on the screen keyboard.
The info text for the operator control is displayed. If there is no info text for the selected
screen object, the info text for the current screen is displayed, if it has been configured.
You can scroll through the contents of long info text with
Switching between displayed info text
The configuration engineer can configure infotext for an I/O field and the associated
screen. You can switch between two info texts by touching the info text window.
3. Close the displayed info text by pressing
Alternative procedure
Depending on your configuration, info text can also be called via a configured operator
Refer to your plant documentation to find any available additional information on this topic.
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