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Product overview
Possible applications of the MP 277
The Multi Panel MP 277 units are an extension of the 270 series.
The HMI devices are based on the innovative standard operating system, Microsoft Windows
CE 5.0. The Multi Panel MP 277 units belong to the "Multifunctional Platform" product
category. The HMI devices offer enhanced communication options to the office world. The
Pocket Internet Explorer is already installed on the HMI devices.
The MP 277 offers a variety of application uses, high performance and a favorable
cost/performance ratio.
The devices are equipped with:
● Ethernet port for connection to PROFINET
● 2 USB ports
● TFT screen with up to 64k color
Thanks to the wide range of devices, you get to use the device that is suited to you.
The HMI devices support the following software options:
● [email protected][email protected]
● /Audit
● OPC server
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02