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Commissioning a project
7.5 Transfer project to the HMI device
Proceed as follows:
1. On the configuring PC, select the "Communication settings" command in the menu
"Project > Transfer" in WinCC flexible.
The "Communication Settings" dialog opens.
2. Select the type of HMI device.
3. Select the type of connection between the HMI device and the configuring PC.
Set the connection parameters.
4. Close the dialog with "OK".
5. Select the "Transfer" > "Backtransfer" command in the "Project" menu.
The "Backtransfer" dialog opens.
6. Click "OK" to start the backtransfer process.
The configuring PC checks the connection to the HMI device. The compressed project file
is transferred back from the HMI device to the configuring PC. If the connection is not
available or is defective, an error message is displayed on the configuring PC.
After successful backtransfer, the project is opened on the configuring PC in WinCC flexible.
Testing a project
There are two options to test a project:
● Test the project on the configuring PC
You can test a project at a configuring PC, using a simulator. For detailed information,
refer to the "WinCC flexible" user manual and to the WinCC flexible Online Help.
● Offline testing of the project on the HMI device
Offline testing means that communication between the HMI device and PLC is down
while the test is being carried out.
● Online testing of the project on the HMI device
Online testing means that the HMI device and PLC communicate with each other during
Perform the tests, starting with the "Offline test", followed by the "Online test".
You should always test the project on the HMI device on which the project will be used.
MP 277
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