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Configuring the device
6.3 Control Panel
Enter key combinations
Toggle key assignment
Toggles the assignment for a key with multiple
No LED is lit:
The number assignment is enabled. Pressing
the button once toggles to letter assignment.
An LED is lit:
The left or right letter assignment is enabled.
Each time the key is pressed, the system toggles
between the left letter assignment, the right letter
assignment and the number assignment.
Toggle between upper-case
and lower-case
Used in key combinations, for example for entering
upper-case letters.
Switch to additional key assignment
Some of the keys contain a key assignment imprinted blue, for example the "%" character.
Used in key combinations for the blue key assignment.
General control function
Used in key combinations
General control function
Used in key combinations
See also
Entering and editing numerical values (Page 174)
Entering and editing alphanumerical values (Page 176)
Front operator controls (Page 61)
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02