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1.6 Accessory kit
Accessory kit
The accessory kit contains the following:
● Mains terminal for the power supply
● Mounting clips for mounting the HMI device
Additional documents may be enclosed with the accessory kit.
Mounting clips
Spring mounting clips or aluminum mounting clips are provided for mounting the device. The
mounting clips hook into oblong holes on the HMI device. The main dimensions of the HMI
device are not exceeded by this.
Spring mounting clip
Aluminum mounting clip
① Slot
② Hook
① Threaded pin
② Hook
A product information with notes on mounting of the HMI device with mounting clips is
supplied with the HMI device.
The product information is available in the Internet at the following links:
● Product Information "Spring clamp"
● Product Information "Metal mounting clamps"
Accessories are not included in the product package of the HMI device, but can ordered on
the Internet at Industry Mall (
Converter RS 422-RS 232
The converter is required for the connection of controllers of other manufacturers. Connect
the RS 422 to RS 232 converter to the RS 422 / RS 485 interface. The converter converts
the input signals to RS-232 signals.
Order number: 6AV6 671-8XE00-0AX0
MP 277
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